#1070. 3-Iron
  • Year: 2004
  • Country: South Korea/Japan
  • Language: Korean
  • Production: Kim Ki-duk, Cineclick, Big Blue, 90m
  • Director: Kim Ki-duk
  • Producer: Kim Ki-duk
  • Screenplay: Kim Ki-duk
  • Photography: Jang Seong-back
  • Music: Slvian
  • Cast: Jae Hee, Lee Seung-yeon

Abridged Book DescriptionEdit

3-Iron is a masochistic romance tale that reminds us of the films of R.W. Fassbinder made several decades earlier. In it, cops are corrupt and violent, spatial settings barren and impersonal, dialogue sparse, as they typically are in all of Kim's oeuvre.

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